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Wellness Advisory Services is an online information directory of trusted local wellness practitioners.
We work collaboratively to provide answers and options to those seeking information and support on their wellness journey.

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Creating Balance
If this sounds like you then join us on Saturday 13 May 2017 For a day of Creating Balance at The Gorges, Patoka (located 35 minutes from Taradale) Call Robin 027 777 9019 or Marya 021 452 172

Collaboration statement

"Illness and wellness are complex and involve a variety of lifestyle,
environmental, genetic and emotional factors. So when trying to achieve high level wellness, you may need to use a range of types of health care, and get support from more than one professional.

The health practitioners on this website acknowledge this and seek to work collaboratively with each other when different expertise is needed. We know each other and can often vouch for the effectiveness of other approaches. With your permission we can share information to support you in your efforts to be well. Feel free to request this".

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Winter Colds

It is that time of year again when a cold wind in the afternoon can bring on a sudden head cold that evening. A homeopathic remedy to consider in such a case is Aconite. Another common scenario is when over a few days you gradually feel a cold Read more

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