We are here for those wanting a better life and who need some clarity and direction to meet their own complex needs and desires in an overwhelming environment of services, modalities, techniques and practitioners.

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Illness and wellness are complex and involve a variety of lifestyle, environmental, genetic and emotional factors. At Wellness Advisory Services we seek to provide resources on all these factors that contribute to leading “balanced” or “well rounded” lives.

Working together for you!

We recognise that when trying to achieve high level wellness you often need the support of more than one professional so the health practitioners on this website seek to work collaboratively when different expertise is needed. We know each other and can often vouch for the effectiveness of other approaches. With your permission we can share information to support you in your efforts to be well. Feel free to request this.

Social Wellness (click as above) – considers how we relate to others; how we connect, communicate and get along with the people around us. It’s all about relationships, respect and community interaction.

Spiritual Wellness (click as above) – helps to establish peace and harmony in our lives. It is the ability to identify values and discover meaning and purpose in life.

Emotional Wellness (click as above) – is where you are in touch with your feelings and emotions, and are able to cope with the emotional challenges of life.

Occupational Wellness (click as above) involves finding fulfilment in your job and knowing that it has meaning. It is also the ability to establish balance between work and leisure time.

Financial Wellness (click as above) may be linked to occupational wellness but deserves its own attention. It is how you feel about money, how you make it, spend it, accumulate it or give it away.

Intellectual Wellness (click as above) considers the desire to be a lifelong learner. It’s the ability to be open to new experiences and ideas in order to continue growing. It involves critical thinking, creativity and curiosity.

Physical Wellness (click as above) considers overall health and what you need to do to maintain a healthy quality of life. It is the ability to take charge of your health by making conscious decisions to be healthy. It includes fitness, combating illness and injury, nutrition, healthy habits and skincare.

Environmental Wellness (click as above) is all about our living and working spaces and extends out to our community and our planet as a whole.

So what areas of your life need attention right now? And what’s your priority?

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