Acts of Kindness

acts of kindness

It is now four years since my husband Lloyd passed away. Over the four years I have experienced so many acts of kindness from friends, family, work colleagues, team members from my USANA business, practitioners on Wellness Advisory Services, my new Wellness Coaching connections and neighbours.


This blog is to say “Thank you for your acts of kindness” 


Acts of kindness can be small or big: 

A smile and ‘good morning’ when taking a walk

Admiring someone’s pet

Giving a bunch of flowers

Giving fruit and vegetables from the garden

Putting your shopping cart back in the stand

​Pay it forward…maybe for the next persons coffee

Appreciate yourself

​Open the door for someone

​Ask someone for a meal

Invite someone for a coffee

Invite someone on holiday

Let your family and friends know who much you appreciate and love them

Each time we do acts of kindness, our heart energy expands and our state of wellness grows

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