Arnica in your First Aid Kit

Arnica_chamissonis0In my other life I tend to drive my two teenage sons from one sporting activity to the next and keeping a well-stocked supply of homeopathic sport remedies, ointments and bandages on hand has been invaluable.

From the word “Go” bumps and bruises have been part of their growing up.

Many people choose to use Arnica as a cream or tablet/pill homeopathically for initial trauma and bruises. It’s certainly useful to have Arnica in your First Aid Kit and as the initial remedy to give in case of an injury. It will reduce pain and swelling, reabsorb bruises and speed up healing in the first phase of recovery. Plus it helps with emotional as well as physical shock.

If the injury is more than just superficial bruising another homeopathic remedy may be needed to assist with possible ligament, tendon or deep tissue repair. In case of a more serious injury such as concussion, broken bones, tennis elbow etc. homeopathic remedies can still be taken alongside other medical treatment.

Homeopathy can improve performance in an athlete as well as speed up recovery. It can’t replace common sense though: If your injury is serious seek an appropriate practitioner’s advice. If you experience pain during exercise – Stop.

Eating healthy food, hydrating frequently and scheduling rest periods will also help to prevent injury and speed up recovery.

An individually chosen homeopathic remedy can improve the athlete’s performance by addressing possible anxiety or confidence issues.

Having a homeopathic Sports kit handy and taking a remedy soon after the injury increases your chance of a speedy recovery.

Knowing around half a dozen homeopathic remedies and their uses can be a useful tool for any sports person. Your local homeopath can set you up with a basic kit and advise you on how and when to take the remedies.

Many successful athletes including the German National Football team use Homeopathy for prevention and treatment of sports injuries on a regular basis.


Tanja Baker is a qualified and experienced Homeopath, Natural Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist working from the Napier Acupuncture clinic and her clinic in Te Awanga. For more information visit


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