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Winter Colds

It is that time of year again when a cold wind in the afternoon can bring on a sudden head cold that evening. A homeopathic remedy to consider in such a case is Aconite. Another common scenario is when over a few days you gradually feel a cold coming on. You feel heavy, tired, chills… Read More

How to get the most out of helpful online tools to keep healthy

Over the years, since owning a computer, I have been using Google and the internet to keep me up to date with information about health and wellness. The resources have grown exponentially with many health coaches, doctors of natural therapies and a handful of medical doctors giving their opinions and suggestions on how to stay… Read More

How can Yoga keep us healthy?

My recent experience of Yoga teacher training reinforced for me the relationship between yoga and health, and the depth of the healing that the practice of yoga can take us. Although I was aware of how yoga made me feel and its effect on my immunity, digestive, hormonal and nervous systems, I was never really… Read More

Mindful Eating: the key to health, happiness and longevity

Often we are provided with so much information on what foods are healthy to eat, however there is usually not so much emphasis on the way in which we would be best to eat these. Mindful eating involves a conscious awareness of how we eat, how we are affected by sensory impressions while eating and… Read More

Is KST a temporary or permanent fix?

I recently posted an article Are Migraines doing your head in about helping migraine suffers with KST and was asked the question – is KST a temporary or permanent fix? As with all situations, every individual is different and heals at a different rate. I’ll use my husband who has suffered migraines for many years… Read More

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