Bach Flowers what are they and how can they help YOU!

thriveThis method of treatment consists of 38 remedies. They are all prepared from the flowers of wild plants, bushes or trees. None of them are toxic, harmful or habit forming.

They are not selected due to a specific physical complaint, but rather according to the person’s state of mind, moods, fears, worry, anger, depression at the time of the complaint or illness.

An inharmonious state of mind will not only hinder the recovery of health but is the primary cause of illness.

We have all experienced that under times of “stress”, grief, worry, strife, we are more inclined to get sick and not be able to ward off the infection as we usually can.

Dr Edward Bach discovered this and set out to find no toxic natural substances to help us find our inner balance, strength and peace. Bach Flowers are safe for all ages even babies and easy to select. There is no negative effect of trying the “wrong” essence. All that will happen is, “nothing” as you don’t need for example self-confidence (Larch) if you already have enough.

Taking the 4 drops 4 times daily will have you feeling more happy, energetic, easy going and calm after a few days.

Rescue Remedy

Almost everyone has heard of the fabulous Rescue Remedy which comes in drops, cream, candy and spray form. I highly recommend having your own bottle in your home, car, first aid kit, handbag.bach

Try using it externally for: burns, blisters, bruises, insect bites, rashes or pains, colicy baby tummies

Put a few drops either directly on your tongue, in  a glass of water, or in your water bottle. I have used Rescue Remedy during labour and my husband before fainting while supporting me during labour. Also after accidents, arguments, before visiting the dentist, before exams, public speaking, cough spasms, etc. The list is endless!

I can make you a Rescue Remedy mixture or your own personal flower essence mixture.
Give Rescue Remedy a go and when you are convinced how wonderful this mixture of 5 flower essences is, imagine what a mixture made especially for YOU could achieve in balancing your emotions.

Your personal Bach Flower Mixture

After a brief talk about how you are feeling and what your current issue is, you will have the chance to look at cards with photos of the 38 Bach Flowers. You can then choose the ones that stand out in a positive or negative way. While doing that I will make my selection. Then I will explain to you each of the flowers that you have selected. There is usually a 70-80% match between our choices.

This method works especially well with younger children who often have difficulty expressing their emotions.

I also have a chart of the body divided into zones which correlates to the Bach Flowers. So if there is a pain, itch, rash, injury, boil, etc. in an area, the indicated Bach Flower can be added to the mixture.

For external use I can prepare a lotion with Bach Flowers to also relieve the pain or irritation.

The 50mls bottle is made up of distilled water with a little alcohol and usually 5-8 Bach Flowers. The recommended daily dose is 4 drops 4 times daily and will last you 4-6 weeks.

This is not only safe, effective and natural healing of mind and body but also very affordable. Usually 1 bottle is enough until another issue requires other flowers.

Examples how Bach Flowers Can Help

Here are just some of the issues that can improve with Bach Flowers.

Anyone: anxiety, anger, problems with sleep, rashes, sadness, grief, homesickness, lack of confidence, fear public speaking, exam fright, …

Children: behavioural problems, jealousy, biting/hitting, fears (dark, ghosts, robbers), eating disorders, biting nails, nightmares, learning problems, poor concentration

Teenagers: Who am I? , What do I want to do?, I’m too tired!

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