Cancer Awareness

Cancer – the Big C.  Something most dread and fear. A condition that seems to strike unfairly and at random, a kind of Russian roulette that we have no control over. Before we panic ourselves unnecessarily, let’s take a look at the facts and then look at our risks.

A healthy cell goes through a lifecycle until it gets to a stage of maturity and then naturally ‘kills’ itself (a process known as apoptosis). This generates the birth of another cell that replicates the original cell, but the new cell doesn’t do quite as good as job…and that’s how we age.

Some cells, however, mutate before they get to the apoptosis stage. These mutated cells begin to replicate and before long a little cluster has formed. This is when you’d feel a lump. At this stage it’s benign. What causes it to become cancerous is the entry of free radicals into the system. (Free radicals come from the usual nasties; caffeine, smoking, deodorants; make-up; orchard sprays, food preservatives etc). If the free radicals meet the mutated cluster of cells and oxidise on contact….the ‘lump’ becomes cancerous.  This is why our intake of anti-oxidants is so valuable!

So, it’s all about assessing  risk factors:

  • Hereditary – does it run in your family?
  • Environmental – are you living near pylons, near an orchard where sprays are used etc
  • Stress and anger
  • Exposure to toxins –  frequent use of mobile phones, using make-up and shampoos with parabens, deodorants etc
  • Lifestyle – do you work long hours, shift work, smoke, drink etc
  • Food choices- are you using packaged, processed food? Frequent take-ways? Acidic foods create an environment where cancer cells flourish
  • Nutritional Deficiencies- how good is your digestive health? Do you have food intolerances?

And then tackle what you can!

  • Scientifically, broccoli has been shown to cause mutant cells to go through apoptosis (commit suicide!)
  • Choose to limit your use of mobile phone use
  • Eat fresh, natural foods (grow your own if you can)
  • Have a glass of vegetable juice every day- powerful antioxidants in a glass!
  • Counter your stress by engaging in relaxation activities or techniques
  • Identify food intolerances
  • Stick to an alkaline diet


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