Cleansing starting from the inside out

By Anne Taana

Colonic Hydrotherapy has been around for thousands of years and from that two important conclusions can be drawn:

First, there is something of value with this modality
Second, it has never received the attention it justly deserves

And that would be a fact. Eight years ago I hadn’t even heard of colonic hydrotherapy and when I did I was trying to wrap my head around why people would do such a thing. Your bowels have a function and to get mechanical assistance to help with this just sounded insane. Now the following turn of events happened to me and it was almost like the path to my future had been mapped out and becoming a colonic hydrotherapist was without question part of it.

I along with all other employees of a company had been told we were being made redundant and so had a few months to think about what we were going to do. I knew I wanted to be able to provide a service that could help those in need one day and my stepping stone toward this was a massage course.

Then out of the blue I was asked if I had heard of this modality called Colonic hydrotherapy. I hadn’t and I was actually a little disturbed at what it was all about. Suddenly I was getting it from all angles radio announcers were talking about it on the radio, Oprah and Dr Oz were discussing the benefits of having one, Woman’s Day had an article on Lady Di getting them done and finally my friend that I had been walking with for a few months proceeded to tell me she had a series done along with clean eating and co-incidence or not managed to conceive after 6 years. All of this started unravelling when I was now only just unemployed. It was then that I realised I wanted to become a therapist.

Why Colonic hydrotherapy?

Because it is a gentle process that can help rid toxins from your bowel or bring relief when no other laxative or enema can. It is not a cure but simply a modality that assists the body in restoring and sustaining vibrant health through cleansing of the bowel.

Do you have to have a condition to have a Colonic?

No not at all. Whether you just want to have a clean-out as you have started a new eating regimen, or to help kick start a weight loss programme, perhaps you have a skin condition and want to have a few to help rid your body of toxic material that may be playing a role. A colonic is all about assisting the bowel to release all material that is toxic and in some cases building up causing discomfort. In doing so we get the opportunity to put good healthy food into our system to help replenish young healthy cells with good nutritional matter over time.

My Clinic.

Maintains the best practice and highest standard of hygiene which includes the use of disposable rectal equipment. The LIBBE unit is a state of the art FDA registered colon hydrotherapy system that gives the client privacy and solitude throughout the whole session.

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