Code of Ethics

Practitioners on this Wellness Advisory Services (WAS) site are recognised by their peers as offering a high level of professional expertise within their health related discipline. Each practitioner on this website undertakes to abide by their particular professional code of ethics. Ethical considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • Acting in the best interests of their clients health, well-being and safety, and meeting their clients stated needs in partnership with them.
  • Providing adequate information to clients about proposed treatment/services to obtain informed consent.
  • Keeping confidential any personal information divulged by the client
  • Not givingĀ  guarantees regarding the results of treatment and or misusing their position to exploit clients in any way.
  • Ensuring that children under 16 years only receive services with the consent, and usually in the presence of their parent, legal guardian, or authorised caregiver.

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