Develop Healthy Bones and Powerful Posture

  Bones for Life

Develop Healthier Bones and Powerful Posture!

Christine Cutbush- Feldenkrais Practitioner and Bones for Life teacher.

April, 2014.

Do you often find at the end of the day you don’t feel as tall and strong as you would like to?

Have you wondered if there is a natural and easy way to be more upright, move comfortably and continue to enjoy doing even when you are older?

The Bones for Life Method, based on how African water carriers walk for miles each day is an amazing program with a naturalchristine water carrierapproach. This method is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their bone health and prevent injuries.

The water carriers balance up to 30 kilos on their heads and have fascinated scientists for years. They move with incredible beauty and ease.

A frequently asked question:

How are they able to carry weight without doing all the strengthening exercises we do in the West: Gym, Yoga or Pilates etc..?

Observing the water carries you will notice that their strength, fluidity and a natural springiness to their walk. They maintain alignment, balance and grace as they move, which enables them to carry weight on their heads with such ease.

Bones for Life Program

The complete Bones for Life Program consists of 90 fast-acting and easy-to-learn exercise processes. The safe, weight-bearing christine  wrapsmovements challenge the bones to be strong and sturdy while improving balance and coordination.

Upright posture is developed through simple tools that facilitate controlled resistance to pressure, like using a strip of cloth as a harness, pushing a wall, or lifting weights in a new way.



* Better posture and balance – feel taller and move with power and confidence

* Fluid movement – discover ease and comfort in everyday activities and feel good in your body

* Build strong, resilient, healthy joints

* Stand and walk more comfortably

* Increased vitality

* Improve your yoga, dance and athletic performance


About Ruthy Alon

Ruthy Alon, a master Feldenkrais practitioner created the Bones for Life Method. She was inspired by the many African women who carry heavy loads on their heads. Studies of their efficient gait, low bone density and low hip fracture rate caught her attention. Drawing on her vast understanding of movement she created a program addressing the issues of healthy bones, uprightness and strength. Meanwhile in her 80’s Ruthy continues to teach internationally and has created 2 further programs, “Walk for Life” and “Mindful Eating”.


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