Do we all enjoy challenge and change?

Do we all enjoy challenge and change?

steps to sucessThis question has intrigued me for many years.   For the last 30 plus years I have been a my own journey of self -discovery ..who am I, how can I make a difference, what is my own potential, how can I support others to find their potential.   Along the way I have spent hundreds of dollars attending courses and seminars. Have the seminars made a difference?   Many times I have travelled up the staircase from “I can’t do it”  to “YES  I did it”.  Every course attended has been an amazing experience with many tools being added to my tool kit.

Many people have never embraced self-discovery and in fact think it is a load of mumbo jumbo.  Is it therefore a question of letting fate takes its course?  Or do we feel we can have some control over our future and our destiny.    Ironically it is then suggested that we need to let go of control and let us be led by our intuition!

A NZ national paper reported a study conducted out Auckland University by a senior lecturer in management and business studies saying ‘workers can’t be forced to enjoy themselves’.   The article was about creating ‘fun’ at work, like social Fridays, casual Fridays, karaoke evenings etc.   Many enjoyed the social times and others felt they were ‘silly and childish’.

There is now brain research indicating that we are more creative when incorporating play and work.  Google and other IT companies have taken on this philosophy. Thank goodness we have research to back this up!

One of the keys that appear to be missing is the power of making small changes. This is important when we have resistance to any change. It is to about the mind –body holding on to old patterns that are familiar.  The exciting part is that small changes can be rewarding and enjoyable, hence melting the resistance and taking a small step towards bigger results.     Can these small steps be taken with the workforce when 80% may wish to have a karaoke evening and 20% aren’t that keen.  Yes, there is always choice and that must be respected, yet at the same time let’s get creative and brain storm small steps so that the 20% can be involved without going to their resistance.

64481_FinalLet’s start by asking questions and listening.  Contact me for Wellness Coaching for one on one coaching, group coaching and organisational Wellness coaching.


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