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happy childGrowing healthy children is something all parents and caregivers care passionately about…..but should a 5 year old eat the same as a 12 year old? Do boys have different needs to girls? What if they have a food intolerance?  How does food affect behavior and mood? What would a healthy lunchbox look like? How about foods best to eat before a sporting activity?  Hmmm – quite a  bit to  think about! If you believe you are providing your child with a well rounded diet yet they have digestive or health issues, sleep or behavioural problems, skin conditions or episodes of unexplained fatigue then a good starting point would be to keep a food and symptom diary to establish if there are better days than others. This can help identify links between certain foods and symptoms. Even healthy fruits and vegetables can be the enemy if your child is intolerant to them or cannot digest them easily.

If you are in Hawke’s Bay, do join me for an informative evening where I will be answering the questions above and providing some useful tips for keeping your child in tip top health- and signs that may indicate they are not be getting all the nutrients they need.

When: Wednesday 4th May- 7-8pm
Where:   L
ucknow School, 42 Elliott Crescent, Havelock North

This is a fundraising event for Lucknow School. Please call Amy on 06 844 0587 for ticket information or email   (Tickets are $5 each)


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