How to get the most out of helpful online tools to keep healthy

Over the years, since owning a computer, I have been using Google and the internet to keep me up to date with information about health and wellness. The resources have grown exponentially with many health coaches, doctors of natural therapies and a handful of medical doctors giving their opinions and suggestions on how to stay fit, healthy, mindful and vibrant.

For self-preservation, I have established a few key people as my ‘go to’ and have an odd sort of trust in their information, without ever meeting them!

My latest find is a cardiologist from New Zealand, Dr Gerald Lewis.   I do know Gerald, so have an added layer of trust to his suggestions.  His website is unique as it gives up to date medical research into common diseases and complementary therapies that may help.

Check out his website: DrGerald   Everyone gets 24 hours to check out the full capacity of the website, Once you become a lifetime member, you can also become an affiliate for no extra cost.

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