Is KST a temporary or permanent fix?

robins pictureI recently posted an article Are Migraines doing your head in about helping migraine suffers with KST and was asked the question – is KST a temporary or permanent fix?

As with all situations, every individual is different and heals at a different rate. I’ll use my husband who has suffered migraines for many years as an example. He still gets migraines occasionally but they are totally different to what he used to experience. His were extreme to say the least, frequently requiring oxygen amongst other things for relief when having one. Thank goodness these days are long gone, along with the oxygen bottle and medications. They are now very manageable, bearable and infrequent and he knows why when he gets one (what he’s done). He is also now in tune with the signs his body is giving him and I’m then able to treat him and nip it in the bud. Or sometimes I may notice a certain behaviour and question him about how he is feeling and what is happening for him.

I don’t go in with the approach that I can fix you, the wisdom of your body will guide me to what it needs at the time and it is the individuals own healing journey. I see myself as a facilitator. How quickly you feel better may depend on how severe your issue is and how long it has been in place, as well as your overall state of physical and emotional health. Everyone is unique, what works for one, may not work for another. What I do know is that through KST I’ve been able to give relief to many people for a wide variety of issues.

Please get in touch with Robin if you’d like to find out more about KST or to see if it might be right for you.




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