by Tanja Baker        May 2016

babyPregnancy should be one of the most exciting times in any woman’s life but for some expectant mothers in can be a challenging period.

Some women have delightfully easy pregnancies whilst others have degrees of physical unpleasantries and or emotional imbalances that may require some form of treatment.

Many pregnant women prefer to use natural medicines to ease their complaints and to protect their unborn child. Homeopathy is often the treatment by choice for many because it is a proven safe medicine for the pregnant mum and her unborn child. Homeopathy is safe to use during pregnancy, childbirth, the post natal period and breastfeeding.

It works quickly and is effective for many symptoms and conditions that may occur. Physiological changes within the progress of pregnancy require constant readjusting and rebalancing. Every pregnant woman will experience different complaints and the totality of all her physical and emotional symptoms will match a particular homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy will also complement other forms of treatment and medicine systems such as prescription medication,acupuncture,osteopathy to name a few.

Before a baby is conceived Homeopathy can ensure that both partners are at their best health mentally, physically and emotionally. Conception is a time where man and woman have the chance to pass on their genes to the baby in their optimal state.

Your local homeopath can put an individualised homeopathic remedy kit together with instructions on when to take which remedy for pregnancy niggles or supply a “Birthing Kit”. These kits are great to have on hand before, during and after birth.

Morning sickness, muscle cramps, heart burn, achy legs and back, varicose veins and tiredness are some of the possible “niggles” that can safely be treated with Homeopathy.

Recommendations for relief of Morning Sickness in addition to Homeopathy:

  • Eating small amounts of food frequently
  • Salty crackers and ginger drinks can relieve nausea
  • Drinking plenty of herbal teas and water
  • A light snack to eat in bed before getting up in the morning

Taking walks, getting enough fresh air, resting and relaxing whenever possible and keeping up with mineral supplementation will also help promote a healthy pregnancy.


Tanja Baker is a qualified and experienced Homeopath, Natural Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist working from the Napier Acupuncture clinic and her clinic in Te Awanga. For more information visit


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