Self-Responsibility & Love

How important is self- responsibility when it comes to wellness?

self respons2Wellness is like a bridge supported by two piers. Each pier is crucial to the bridge’s integrity just as the two principles of self-responsibility and love are fundamental to the process of wellness.

Self-responsibility and love are primary expressions of life energy. Together, they form the foundations of wellness, and encourage the free flow of all other types of energy. When both are strong, energy dances back and forth, and the crossing is easy and we feel compassion for self and others.


Self-Responsibility Means:

  • Discovering your real needs, and finding ways to meet them directly
  • Realizing that you are unique and the expert about yourself, and
  • Expressing yourself, both your ideas and feelings, in ways that effectively communicate to other people who you are, what you need, and what you know.
  • Respecting your body through nutrition, exercise and personal safety

Love Means:

  • Listening to your own heart–treasuring your uniqueness and your inner wisdom
  • Experiencing yourself as your own best friend, and remaining faithful to yourself, especially in the rough times, and
  • Realizing your connectedness with all things.
  • Caring for all aspects of yourself-body, mind, emotions, spirit and sharing and caring for others

With love and self-responsibility as the foundations of our being, living and wellness are synonymous.

References:   Wellness Workbook, Dr John Travis


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