The Modern Medicine Woman – Jennifer Elizabeth Moore

medicine womenSharing her unique wisdom my guest on this weeks podcast is Modern Medicine Lady Jennifer Elizabeth Moore.

Jennifer is a successful entrepreneur who combines a unique blend of intuition, healing skills, creativity, and business strategy. A talented artist and masterful EFT Practitioner, she has devoted her life to personal transformation, creating beauty and healing.

Jennifer supports self-employed women who struggle with self doubt, overwhelm and worrying that they’re just not good enough. She guides them to break through fear, recognize their brilliance and claim their magic so they feel safe and confident standing out in the world.

With her effective step by step Elements for Mastery Program Jennifer helps them to reveal the powerful women they are, freeing vital energy to create greater impact, wealth and delight for what really matters to them and move forward personally and professionally with enthusiasm and purpose.

Jennifer runs a thriving business offering tattoos as a healing art in her award winning studio Sanctuary Tattoo in Portland Maine for over 16 years and is the creator of the critically acclaimed photographic deck The Healing Tarot.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


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