What is Lithos Rock Therapy and how can it help you?


1. NeckI’m sure you have heard of hot stone massage. Lithos Rock Therapy is a similar treatment except it combines heated and chilled rocks to create an amazing experience that is deeply relaxing.

“Lithos” is the ancient Greek word for rock.  These rocks are hand-crafted instruments that are made of a specific type of marble – one that absorbs and disperses heat evenly.  They also have a luxuriously smooth feel as they glide over the body.  

Lithos Therapy is based on the simultaneous use of thermotherapy (heated) and cryotherapy (chilled) techniques.  The pumping effect in the vascular system caused by the contrasting temperatures stimulates your circulation, encouraging the flow of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients which accelerates healing.

Applying heated Rocks to sore muscles eases tension and helps relax knotted muscle fibres enabling your therapist to work more deeply.  It is said that one massage stroke with a heated rock instrument is equivalent to 10 strokes with the hand.

The chilled rocks, on the other hand, have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.  They can be used to calm and soothe skin and provide refreshing coolness. Using the Rocks also promotes detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system.

This extraordinary massage treatment can improve your health by working into the nervous system by providing deep relaxation (which helps with stress reduction) and feels absolutely amazing at the same time.

3. lithos rockLithos Rock Therapy is a unique sensory experience.  It is definitely a blissful, sensory journey that will delight.  Since many clients are often time poor, this treatment could serve them well as it can combine relaxation with the achievement of a specific result (for example the reduction of muscular tension in a particular area of the body).  Ask for this treatment if you would like a deeper, more powerful treatment and you will feel the results immediately.


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