Winter Colds

It is that time of year again when a cold wind in the afternoon can bring on a sudden head cold that evening. A homeopathic remedy to consider in such a case is Aconite. Another common scenario is when over a few days you gradually feel a cold coming on. You feel heavy, tired, chills run down your spine. If that happens to me I tend to take a few doses of the homeopathic medicine called Gelsemium in a 30C, which is the potency or strength of the remedy made from the plant Jasmine.

We as homeopaths are still astounded how well these natural substances mostly derived from animal, mineral or plant material help prevent illnesses, speed up recovery safely and are free from unwanted toxicity and side effects. But we use different medicines which are individualized and specific to the causation, presentation of complaints and even to how the person reacts when ill. There is no “one size fits all” in homeopathy. We are all different, so prescribing is individual, which makes it harder to choose the “Similimum” – the most similar remedy, but also highly effective as it matches each person according to the presenting complaint. Relief in an acute cold, cough, fever can be within the hour.

Instead of suppressing and managing symptoms homeopathic medicine stimulates the body’s immune system to combat the bacteria and viruses. Have you asked yourself why you caught the cold when your colleague sneezed in your face but the others standing there with you did not? The virus is not necessarily the culprit but rather your compromised immune system. Just some of the contributing factors to your weakened immune system are possibly overworking yourself, poor diet, lack of sleep, worry and ongoing stress in your life are. Obviously the healthier your lifestyle the better your immune system will be able to deal with and overcome winter ailments. During the winter months consider supplementing Zinc and Vit C, avoid dairy during a cough and congested nose as it is mucous building, drink plenty of water or tea, enjoy a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. Should you still catch a bad cold, can’t shake off the chest infection or suffer from ongoing sinus congestion and recurring earaches, do consider homeopathy which just might surprise you!

Heidi Beck is a registered homeopath at THRIVE homeopathy

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