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thriveBy Heidi Beck RCHom

Time and time again teenagers, young women and menopausal women come to us homeopaths after having suffered numerous months or even years from painful, heavy or irregular periods, growing fibroids or cysts, ovarian and uterine cramping, diarrhoea, headaches/migraines, mood swings, post-natal depression, infertility and the list goes on.

I have seen several cases in my clinic and what they have in common is their pain seems unbearable and the effects are limiting their everyday life. Attending school or work becomes a very irregular event which isolates from friends. It is hard to explain to someone the pain you are feeling especially if it is not visible.

The scenarios are similar. First there are months of just “getting on with it, ignoring the complaint” as much as possible. Then the visit to the GP and off you go with anti-inflammatory pills and some painkillers. When there isn’t much improvement, back for more and a referral to see the specialist. By then the patient is often ready for some anti-depressants and some form of hormone regulating drugs, a Merina is implanted, laparoscopy done,….

By now often 1 year or more  has gone by and no or little improvement. That is when we usually see the woman or girl.

In my personal opinion there is one crucial piece missing in actually helping these women and that is taking their mental and emotional state into account. We as homeopaths take into consideration how the physical complaint presents itself but equally important is what was and is going on in your life before this started and how are you dealing with it now. Are you depressed, angry or have you just given up? We are all different and so the treatment must be individualised.

Let me give some brief examples:

An 18 year old girl came to me with intense abdominal cramping and gushing blood for almost 3 weeks. This had started 9 months ago and each month it got worse. Now working was impossible. She had just come from the doctor who prescribed the contraceptive pill which she did not want or need for contraception, plenty of painkillers and some antidepressants. She was not ready to take all these drugs so decided to consult me for a homeopathic treatment.

What came out was that a few years back her father had an affair which upset her immensely. About 10 months ago her boyfriend cheated on her, just like her father had on her mother. The following cycle was a bit painful but she ignored it until now. I gave her a single dose of a homeopathic medicine for suppressed anger and indignation which has an affinity to female organs. The symptoms are that of cutting, stabbing pain in uterus and heavy bleeding. That afternoon the bleeding stopped and emotionally she felt much more at ease. The pain and bleeding returned 2 weeks later so another single dose was given. Now almost 2 years later her menstruation is normal and regular. None of the medication was taken.

Here is a testimonial for another case of medically diagnosed endometriosis which has successfully been addressed with only 2 different homeopathic medicines.

“I had been off school for a year because I had stage 4 Endometriosis at the age of 16 and even after my surgery I was in a lot of pain. Specialists had me on 8 different kinds of medication a day but it was not helping me at all.

That’s when a friend suggested we see Heidi, and I can honestly say that she has changed my life. I went from being 10/10 on the pain scale every day to nothing in a matter of days.

After my first visit to Heidi I had my first 4 days of being pain free and all from a little “magic” pillule. Now I feel more like myself all thanks to Heidi’s magic.

E.J., age 17, Napier January 2015 (3 months after initial consult; pain free, no medication, regular and normal menses)

If you haven’t tried homeopathy, you haven’t tried everything. Homeopathy is safe, effective, natural and addresses the cause of the dis-ease. It is individual and treats the whole person without suppressing or merely managing symptoms. Homeopathic medicines stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. We aim to restore health as gently, rapidly and permanently as possible. If you are unsure if homeopathy is right for you, please to contact me for an initial free 15 minute consultation.

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