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Janette Larrington-Lewer
13 May 2014

“Yoga for Health” offers
• Yoga classes
• Yoga workshops
• Yoga discussion groups
• Yoga mentoring
For most of us Yoga begins as a physical practice. In its full form, Yoga is a philosophy and science for life. Other lessons that Yoga teaches us are those of commitment and discipline. The only way Yoga can help is if we actually practice – either at home, or attending class.

A weekly Yoga class offers a steady pace of immersion into the world of Yoga. In a room of like-minded people, there is a sense of energy enthusiasm and encouragement. The sessions are led and demonstrated, with options and variations that allow each individual to practice within their own level of ability. When we take away any sense of competition or perfection – the whole process of connection between the mind and body can flow in a natural rhythm.
• For the beginner, a weekly class is reassuring. It provides a comfortable and safe introduction to Yoga.
• For those with previous Yoga experience the practice begins to evolve. Adding to the physical exercise is the journey of self-awareness.
• For the experienced Yogi, a weekly class is a valuable tool to establish and support a home practice. The experienced Yogi understands and trusts the whole philosophy of Yoga –it will nourish them on the mat, and support them in life off the mat.
My classes are suitable for adults of all ages who are interested in their health and wellbeing and prepared to help themselves. Yoga does not happen overnight, it is not a quick fix. A gentle regular practice is of greater benefit than an infrequent ‘fix’.
So often I hear people resist Yoga because “they are not flexible”. For those of us who have continued our Yoga for years, we do so for that very reason. We practice Yoga:
• To increase our muscle tone and strength, joint mobility and general range of movement.
• To nourish and stimulate every organ system and gland.
• To learn safe and trusted techniques for release of physical and mental tension.
• To breathe better and utilize that breath.
• To improve our self-awareness, confidence and posture.
• To nurture and grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
• To live in the present moment.

I am a passionate Yogini. I teach the path of Hatha Yoga from the heart. It comes from a classical training, 10 years teaching experience and the wisdom I’ve gained from tutoring and mentoring trainee Yoga teachers.
Please join me, and practice “Yoga for Health”, your own health.


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Author: Janette Larrington-Lewer
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